Though relatively young, BMC S.p.A was founded 17 years ago by Maurizio Bozza and Carlo Massavelli, who are the driving force behind this company, it has gained acclaim and respect as a total jewellery-making company based in Valenza, which is the word renowned home of the Italian goldsmithing tradition. Their joint passion for all that is jewellery is deep-rooted and their innate sense of entrepreneurship has now led them to employ a staff of 130, all of whom, with their expertise, bring continuous added value to the company. Carlo and Maurizio indefatigably aim for excellence in every department so as to achieve the highest standards of quality by expertly combing artisan traditions with innovative machinery. Within its workshops you will find such traditional tools as hammers and chisels being used as skilfully as their state-of-the-art prototyping and smelting machines, to name but two.

It is their single-minded intent to produce high-end, one-off items of jewellery as well as to manufacture highly industrialized pieces with equal quality by controlling the process accurately. From an idea, a sketch or a fully-elaborated cad project, BMC strives to bring life to exquisite pieces at the quality level of the most demanding international “Maisons”. Said brands engage BMC in the confidence that their needs will be met competently and carefully. By valorising the local, traditional skills and by adding new instruments, materials and techniques, BMC is able to offer the best technological solutions while managing costs and quality in the conviction that they are contributing to the perpetuation of the noble art of jewellery-making in which “Hands and minds live in synergy”. 127 employees in the BMC

Main acknowledgements received :

Premio di Sant’Eligio 2014. – RJC Certificate 2016 – (Responsible Jewellery Council). -COC Certificate 2018 – (Chain of Custody Certification). -Entrepreneur of the year to Carlo Massavelli of BMC – 2016 (Awarded by the Alessandria Chamber of Commerce