Filostil EN

Established in 1978, Filostil is a renowned Italian jewelry factory that complies with top quality standards in high-end jewellery manufacturing. From customized design to finished product, Filostil is emblem of reliability, artisanal expertise and avant-garde technologies. This important features made Filostil grow fast in the last few years, becoming a reference point for top jewelry Brands and exclusive boutiques worldwide. Our outlook for the future is to strengthen our fame and reputation , thanks to the perfect fusion between craftsman’s skills and technological innovation, accuracy in details and peerless customer care. Filostil is the choice for who desires perfection and exclusivity in high-end jewellery production, 100% Made in Italy.

Custom-made jewels are nowadays our must. We reflect customers needs and demands for Bespoke Jewellery. We can produce incomparable masterpieces, satisfying any request. Filostil is able to create what the most demanding clients are looking for: the unavailable, an exclusive service and an expert advice to make each precious creation inimitable, beyond comparison, unique. We give life to amazing artworks of infinitely emotional and sensory value, able to convey artisanal knowledge with the most contemporary design. We shape the evolution of creativity and technology in tailor-made jewellery. We make clients’ dreams come true! 30 employees in the Filostil