The Foundation

The “Mani Intelligenti” Foundation aims to seek and train the new generation of Master goldsmiths. The goldsmith tradition of Valenza is undoubtedly recognised throughout the world, differentiating itself thanks to the innovation, creativity and exclusive care of Italian jewels craftsmanship.

We are witnessing a generational gap that could compromise the sustainability of the entire production system of high-end Italian jewellery, for this reason the Foundation wants to commit itself to seek new generation of master goldsmiths able to carry on not only the tradition, but also the innovation and quality.

The ambition of the foundation is very important and easily translatable in a clear and immediate number: 1000; seek, train and place 1000 young talents in the next three years.

Not many national territories have the possibility to offer such an opportunity. The employment levels of the district of Valenza are well below the pre-crisis levels of 2005. This reduction, combined with the ageing of the current artisan production capacity and the growth of the global jewellery market, becomes a fundamental stimulus to rethink the role of the professional jewellery artisan.

We speak of professional jewellery artisan because it can not be identified only with a craft dimension, we look for young people who want to invest in their professionalism, in a profession with high manual skills and technology that really knows how to combine innovation and tradition.

The foundation therefore wants to be a hub of talent, but also an accelerator of careers and professions; the current professional training system is not able to meet the growing demands of young people interested in starting a goldsmith career, and companies are realising that tackling the generation changeover is more effective if done in a joint and systemic way.

From these assumptions was born the “Mani intelligenti” Foundation, a foundation with an open, inclusive and systemic spirit with the aim of involving as many members as possible in the sharing of this important mission.

Below are some of the motivations expressed by some of the first founding members with regard to the creation of the “Mani intelligenti” Foundation.