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Training is not only the most effective way of speeding up the integration of talents into the professional market of high-end jewellery, but it is also the essential condition for generating innovation and avoid the dispersing of the knowledge and skills acquired over a century of history.

The gold and jewellery companies of Valenza have always considered the tool embodied by the training as their pride and fundamental distinguishing feature, by training generations of professionals.

The significant element of change, however, is represented by the maturity cycle of the master goldsmith. Once the master goldsmith reached full maturity in a period between 5 and 7 years, today these times are considered unsustainable, not only by the market, but also by a young person who decides to take up this profession.

Training must, therefore, be a response to reduce these times, without however losing the required quality.

Imagining a new learning model that can combine classroom training with in-company training, monitored by tutors capable of increasing the talents is one of the aims of the “Mani Intelligenti” Foundations.

The spirit of the Foundation is also to support the non-dispersion of the already acquired skills and it is for this reason that the first founding members have already made themselves available to offer directly the skills to be shared in future training courses.

We do not imagine to found a new school, but to support the already excellent professional training realities present in the territory, once again with the idea of including and improving, optimizing what already exists in this territory.

The Foundation’s inclusive and shared approach is also represented by this element, pooling skills and abilities so that they are not dispersed, the Foundation therefore wants to overcome the paradigm that for many years has characterised the production system of Valenza identifiable in the self-sufficiency of individuals.

The complexity of the market scenario, combined with the ageing of the master goldsmiths and with the new prospects and professional needs of the new generations make it unlikely not to imagine a model of attractiveness and development of talent based on the sharing of experiences and professional opportunities of the territory.

As mentioned, training thus becomes an aggregator of skills, but also a springboard for learning, appreciating and recognising the profound and differentiated opportunities offered in the production area of Valenza. It is therefore the common thread of large and small businesses, each with its own characteristics, opportunities and methodologies, but all characterised by the desire to dispose of and introduce new useful profiles in order to continue to realise high-end Italian jewellery unique in the world.