The first Founding Members

We talk about the first founding members because there had to be a point where it all began. This Foundation was created bearing in mind the basis, from the real needs of a group of companies, different from one another, but that for different reasons found each other closer thanks to a common need: facing an important generational change, identifying training and territory employer branding as the main answers.

A group of companies that has recognised in the administration a natural and reliable incubator to meet this need. After a shared path lasted about a year, coordinated by the Mayor of Valenza, the “Mani intelligenti” Foundation was born, a reality that has a completely private governance and not public, but for consistency with the birth also includes the participation of the City of Valenza as a testimony to the importance of the territorial link.

We are talking about the first founding members, because the status of founding member included in the articles of association, is a non-exclusive qualification and it is linked to the moment of the foundation, but it can be held at any time by any subject with the condition of contributing, not only to the working capital, but also to the endowment capital of the Foundation.

The founding member is the one who believes in the “Mani intelligenti” Foundation and more generally has a medium and long-term vision, believing in the need to tackle a generational change in a systemic way and to support a unique territorial economic system.

The numbers of the first founding members represent the value that can be expressed by the “Mani intelligenti” Foundation. The aggregated turnover of the founding members exceeds 1 billion Euros, reaching approximately 1.3 billion Euros, including related revenues. Currently, there are about 1200 employees out of an estimated 5500 throughout the district.

The first founding members of the “Mani intelligenti” Foundation are: