Villa Pedemonte Atelier (VPA) was founded in Valenza in 1982 by the name of Orobel.

VPA has been working with the greatest brands of international jewellery (especially French and Swiss ones) since 1984 and has specialised in jewellery production series, especially in segment access and moyenne joaillerie.

The company has grown during the years by taking advantage of the city’s great goldsmith craft tradition.

At the beginning of the 2000s the company changed its name in VPA (Villa Pedemonte Atelier). This period marked the beginning of the renovation of the actual Valmadonna headquarters in the ancient “Villa Pedemonte”. This renovation work gave the company and its employees a modern “total quality oriented” productive activity in a suggestive environment which encourages the goldsmith craft and the creation of unique jewels.

The best technology and the fundamentals of our job coexist in VPA. Manual creativity and new computer tools combine and give life to a very complex teamwork starting with the research and development phases of the product. New figures, such as CAD designers and CNC machine programmers, go hand in hand with traditional goldsmiths in order to meet the requirements of the Clients, who are getting more and more demanding in terms of speed and quality. This way VPA adds its own experience and research to the creativity of foreign designers in order to give to its Clients the best technological product development solutions, cost reduction and quality management. The development team handles every project and analyses it in all its aspects, using the potentiality of different three-dimensional programs, which allow to see the product and to consider in real time the different methods of production. Once the drawing is ready, the rapid prototyping machines create the first wax sample. The process is realized inside the company in order to ensure the confidentiality and the exclusivity of the product. The following choice of the prototype production system takes advantage of the versatility of the company’s available tools.

The furnace for the annealing of molds and the machines for the melting of the metal in a controlled atmosphere, which represent the more traditional techniques, go hand in hand with the quality of continuous casting and the precision of the CNC machining centers such as 5 and 7 axis CNC milling machines, which bear fruits in terms of quality, productivity and costs.

VPA’s strength lies in the chance to combine various production methods in order to offer the best of technology without forgetting the fundamentals of this job.

The company and its clients signed contractual agreements which guarantee the complete confidentiality throughout the duration of the collaboration, including all the phases of the product development, from the initial feasibility study to the after-sales service.

The company has invested in research and innovation and this has allowed a significant increase in developed projects with positive effect on the amount of finished products delivered during the year (17.000 in 2015, 26.000 in 2016, 32.000 in 2017).

Certificatione and award

Certificazione RJC Code of Practices
Certificazione RJC Chain of Custody